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A ministry’s first encounter with The Barnabas Group is an opportunity to for the ministry to realize they can benefit from engaging with TBG partners. A partner’s time and talent are valuable to the ministry.

To see what ministries have done and how they have benefited in the past, please visit the pages for handbooks, videos, storybooks, newsletters…

There are two categories of ministries from The Barnabas Group perspective:

  • Potential ministries
  • Engaged (partners are influencing) ministries

If you are a potential ministry, do not overlook the great value in TBG’s partner impact. Their time, talent, skills, and network are far more valuable than money. Take the “Next Steps” to take to become an Engaged ministry.

We ask for you to take the first step of submitting basic contact information and your ministry profile. Please use the standard form at this link.  Someone from our Faithworks team will contact you at a later time.

Engaged ministries are those ministries that have presented, or have not presented yet, but have met with the Faithworks team. These ministries have supplied operational information to The Barnabas Group without an audit. Engaged ministries can be tagged and sorted by as either:

  • Ministries that have presented
  • Ministries that have not yet presented

An Engaged ministry has the ability to:

  • Communicate any updates for your ministry web page on our site and include links to files
  • Add content to each individual web page by emailing in your request